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NBA 450
Normes : ASTM D 36, ASTM E 28, IP 58, ISO 4625

Description :

Reliable and entirely automatic, the NBA450, scaling from 0 to 200°C, determines the softening point of bitumen, resins, waxes… with the help of an optical cell. In order to do this, 4 predefined methods are installed with a storage capacity nearby 320Go, authorizing the introduction of your own methods. With its built-in cooling system, its security is as well improved with the implementation of a heating element protected and resisting to all liquid overflows. But also, thanks to an overheating protection, allowing the heating system’s switch off according to the measured temperature in the heating block and activating an audible alarm.


Test temperature range: up to 200°C
Automatic detection by optical cell barrier
3 preset methods (water, glycol, glycerin)
Adjustable heating rate and stirring speeds
Capacitive touch screen 8,4’’
User-friendly software
Stainless steel tray for easy handling of accessories
Easy positioning of the beaker in the heating block
Optimized centering system
Easy handling of the ball with the
magnetic ball dropper
Quick cooling by fan at the end of the test
Small footprint – Compact instrument


User access with different levels
Sample overheating protection
Acoustic and visual alarms
Automatic shut off if missing probe
Waterproof heater
Solvent proof display screen

Condition d'utilisation

Backup and software update by USB
Keyboard, mouse, barcode reader and printer connection
Data storage – 320 Go HDD
Fully settable report
Friendly software interface


Magnetic Ball Dropper
Mechanical and magnetic stirrers
Removal magnetic stick for magnetic stirrer
ASTM D 36 or ISO EN 1427 beaker
Molding plate
Ball centering guide

Different types of rings available
Optional Printer

Optional beaker with specific treatment for ASTM E 28

Livré avec

For ASTM D36, the NBA 450 is delivered with :
2 standardized beakers
10 shouldered rings
10 balls
1 holder
1 Pt 100 probe
1 mechanical stirrer
1 magnetic stirrer
1 removal magnetic stick
1 magnetic ball dropper
2 centering guides

Données techniques

Power supply: AC 200-250 V, 50 Hz – 4 A
Dimension: (L) 290x (W) 580 x (H) 380 mm
Weight: 14,8 kg

Formulaire d'information

Formulaire d'information


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