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Control and Calibration

Our technical service supplies control and calibration services of your instruments for the following measurements: temperature, speed, pressure. These services allow you to manage the metrological parameters of your devices and meet your internal and external requirements. Our expertise and tools in this area allow us to manage every step of the customer service process.

Needs analysis and recommendations

Our process starts with your inquiry: our technical sales department analyzes your needs and will advise you the best solution according to your environment. Our experience is based on the commissioning of thousands of testing instruments around the world.


When purchasing a device, the Normalab technical team can help you set up the device to show you all its features and answer your questions.


During installation, training can be offered in order to use your equipment in optimal conditions. Our training sessions integrate tree steps for each instrument: the use, the routine maintenance and the first level diagnosis.

We also present the different measurement and control tools used in laboratories, their practical application, as well as the recording of measurement traceability. The curative interventions are thus considerably reduced. Normalab can also offer training in its own offices if required by the project.



In case of breakdown or malfunction, our technicians can perform at your convenience on site or workshop maintenance with a range of certified measuring instruments. A large number of spare parts are stored to optimize response times and reduce downtime of your equipment.

In order to limit curative interventions, our technical service offers preventive maintenance contracts during which we perform: device maintenance, replacement of worn parts, the control of various functions to ensure good order (temperature, pressure, speed, etc.) and technical intervention to validate a reference sample.



Our technicians can answer all your questions and guide you in the use of your instrument when necessary such as analyzing your request and recommending instructions to be performed on your devices.


For more information about our services, do not hesitate to communicate with your sales contact or contact us directly by phone (+33 232.704.811) or through our request form.

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