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Cannon Instrument

Cannon Instrument Company manufactures high-precision viscosity measurement products and services. Its serves petroleum and petrochemicals, polymers, asphalt, and paving industries. The company`s emphasis on production of quality test equipment has kept CANNON at the cutting-edge of research and development.

Cannon Instrument


Eralytics, Austria, stands for high performance quality control of fuels and lubricating oils. founded in 2007 by four industry experts, they develop, produce and sell fully automated, portable and easy to operate analysers providing fast results with highest precision and maximum reliability.

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Falex is a leading manufacturer of tribology testing equipment specializing in the study of friction, wear, abrasion, and erosion. Founded in 1927, Falex offers a level of experience supplying standards in industrial and military product specifications and development, also with JFTOT for jet fuel.


Hitachi High-Technologies

Hitachi High-Technologies Co., Ltd. Japan is a member of the Hitachi Group. In Europe, the company handles a wide variety of products – from computers and peripherals to scientific instruments. Its Industrial Analysis range of products are used in the metal, oil and gas industries for sorting and identification with X-Ray detection technology for elemental as sulphur.


PCS Instruments

PCS Instruments designs and manufactures tribology test equipments and laboratory instruments for testing fuels and lubricants. PCS Instruments is a world leader in lubricity and tribology test equipment. The HFRR is used for measuring the lubricity of low-sulphur diesel fuel. The bocle is also common for jet fuel.


Rudolph Research

Rudolph Research manufactures quality instruments and provides superior technical and service support. With over 5000 laboratory instruments installed worldwide and many of them still in operation after 25 years of service, Rudolph understands the demands of today’s laboratories for durability and reliability. Rudolph’s refractometer, polarimeter, density meter, saccharimeter, and accessory line can meet your laboratory’s needs for accuracy, reliability and performance.

Refractometer, Density Meter, Polarimeter, Saccharimeter Instruments


Visaya supplies copper strip reader. The digital detection imanging analyser identifies exact levels of corrosivity present from petroleum through a 4-step automated vision algorithm and classification process, eliminating operator bias for copper and silver.



ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH is a developing and manufacturing company. In the process of developing new analytical methods and instruments, they set high value on practicality and user-friendly handling. The instruments are rugged, long-lasting and ready to operate even under difficult climate conditions. With their modular design, they can be adapted to various tasks.


Trace Elemental

Trace Elemental Instruments B.V. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, sells and supports a range of laboratory equipment for industrial, petrochemical and environmental applications. We have a full range of combustion analyzers and accessories, dedicated to handle all sorts of samples according to ASTM methods and other international standards.

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