Customer Service

  • Hotline

An experienced service is available to answer your questions  to guide you in use of your equipment. We could also help you to establish the first diagnosis in case of need.

  • Commissioning

Our customer’s support can occur the commissioning of the unit in your laboratory and show you all of its features. Our specialist performs the first test with you.

  • Training

We also offer during installation, the possibility to organizing a training session in the use of our equipment to handle these devices in the best conditions.

  • Maintenance contract

To reduce or eliminate the curative interventions, our technical department offers preventive maintenance contracts during which a maintenance of your equipment is made, wear parts are replaced, the various device functions are controlled (temperature, pressure, speed, etc...) and a sample is tested for validation of the equipment.

  • Control and calibration

We offer inspection services and equipment calibration certificate providing control or calibration certificate. Fir this, we have a range of measuring devices certified for measurements of temperature, velocity, pressure... These services allow you to follow up your metrology.

  • Maintenance

In case of failure or malfunction, our technicians can work on site or in our workshop with a range of audited and certified measuring instruments. Many parts are stored to optimize response times and to reduce down time of the equipment.


For more information on our services, contact your commercial contact or contact us directly by phone  at +33 232.704.811) or mail at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.