In addition to our product range, Normalab offers additional services to understand the use of instruments.


During commissioning, we install the equipment then we propose to train users. These courses aim to train in condition of use, current maintenance and first level diagnosis to bring together all optimum operating conditions for the unit. We discuss the different measurement and control tools used in laboratories, the practical application, and the recording of measurement traceability. Thanks to our exchange with our customers, we get meaningful results in reducing curative interventions in a dynamic and effective perspective.


With our technical support, we are able to offer training in our facilities to improve the use of petroleum products testing equipment. These trainings on Normalab equipments are intended to enable users to understand the measurement and analysis equipment in the best possible conditions of use. With good bases on laboratory practice, these courses are intended for users and research personnel who work on measurements and analysis units in different sectors such as oil extraction, refining, chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, cosmetics, construction, mining, maintenance and many other sectors.