Equivalence standards

Penetration of bitumous material D5   3997 1426 49 52010
Loss on heating of oil and asphaltic compounds D6 T66-011     45  
Softening point of bitumen (ring and ball) D36   4625 1427 58 52011
Flash point by tag closed tester D56       304  
Density of semi-solid bitumous materials (Pycnometer method) D70       189 /190  
Distillation of petroleum products D86   3405   123 51751
Saybolt viscosity D88          
Precipitation number of lubricating oil D91          
Flash and fire points by Cleveland open cup D92   2592   36 / 403  
Flash point by Pensky-Martens closed cup D93   2719 22719 34 / 404 51758
Water in petroleum products and bitumous materials by ditillation D95 T60-113 3733   74  
Water and sediment in crude oil by centrifuge method D96          
Pour point of petroleum products D97 T60-105 3016   15  
Ductibility of bituminous materials D113 T66-006       52013
Sulfur in petroleum products (general bomb method) D129       61  
Detection of copper corrosion from petroleum products D130   2160   154 51811
Saybolt color of petroleum products D156 M07-003       51411
Conradson carbon residue of petroleum products D189   6615   13 51551
Cone penetration of lubricating grease D217 T60-132 2137   50 51580
Heat of combustion of liquid hydrocarbon fuels by calorimeter D240          
Standard test methods and practices for emulsified asphalts D244          
API gravity of crude petroleum and petroleum products (hydrometer method) D287   3675      
Vapor pressure of petroleum products (Reid method) D323   3007 12 69 / 402  
Existent gum in fuels by jet evaporation D381   6246   131 51784
Kinematic viscisity of transparent and opaque liquids D445   3104   71 51366
Sediment incrude ooils and fuels by the extraction method D473   3735   53 51789
Ash from petroleum products D482       4  
Ramsbottom carbon residue of petroleum products D524 T60-117 4262   14  
Oxidation stability of gasoline (induction period method) D525   7536   40 51780*
Dropping point of lubricating greases D566 T60-102 2176   132  
Aniline point and mixed aniline point of petroleum products and hydrocarbon solvents D611 M07-021 2977   2  
Reference and check fuel blending for octane and cetane measurement D613       41  
Acide number of petroleum products by potentiometric titration D664   6619   177  
Rust-preventing characterstics of inhibited mineral oil in presence of water D665 T60-151 7120   135  
Oil content of petroleum waxes D721 T60-120 2908   158 51571
Oxidation stability of aviation fuels (potential residue méthod) D873 M07-013     138  
Sulfated ash from libricting oils and additives D874   3987   163 51575
Dielectric breakdown voltage of insulating fluids D877     60156 295  
Foaming caracteristics of lubrocating oils D892   6247   146  
Insolubles in used lubricating oils D893 T60-157        
Cone penetration of petrolatum D937 T60119     179 51579
Density and relative density of liquids by lipkin bicapillary pycnometer D941   3675   160  
Oxidation stability of lubricating greases (oxygen vessel method) D942       142 51808
Oxidation characteritics of inhibited mineral oils D943   4263   157 51587
Evaporation loss of lubricating greases and oils D972          
Distillation of volatile organic liquids D1078       195  
Water vapor content of gaseous fuels by mesurement of dew-point temperature D1142          
Distillation of petroleum products at reduced pressure D1160   6616     51567
Freezing point antifreeze products D1177 T78-102        
Determining the water washout characteritics of lubricating greases D1264       215 51807,part2
Sampling liquefied petroleum (LP) gases (manual method) D1265   4257      
Gauge vapor pressure of liquefied petroleum gases (LP-Gas method) D1267   4256 24256 161 / 410  
API gravity of crude petroleum and liquid petroleum products by hydrometer D1298   3675   160 51757
Hydrocarbon types in liquid petroleum products by fluorescent indicator adsorption D1319 M07-024 3837   156 51791*
Needle penetration of petroleum waxes D1321 T60-123 3992     51579
Smoke point of kerosine and aviation turbine fuel D1322 M07-028 3014   57  
Water separability of petroleum oils and synthetics fluids D1401   6614      
Cone penetration of lubricating grease using 1/4 and 1/2 scale cone equipment D1403 T60-140 6298   310  
Density and relative density of viscous materials by bingham pycnometer D1480          
ASTM color of petroleum products (ASTM color scale) D1500   2049   196 51578
Sulfur in petroleum products (high-temperature method) D1552 M07-025        
Density or relative density of light hydrocarbons by pressure thermohydrometer D1657   3993   235  
ENGLER specific viscosity of tar products D1665       212  
Determination of water in liquid petroleum products by Karl Fischer reagent D1744   6296      
Effects of heat and air on asphatic materials (Thin-film oven test) D1754          
Water and sediment in fuel oils by the centrifuge méthod (laboratory procedure) D1796   3734     51793
Roll stability of lubricating grease D1831          
Volatility of liquefied petroleum (LP) Gases D1837 M41-012 6620      
Copper strip corrosion by liquefied petroleum (LP) Gases D1838   6251 26251 411  
Filter bloquing tendency of distillate fuel oils D2068       387  
Residues in liquefied petroleum (LP) Gases D2158       317  
Dropping point of lubricating grease over wide temperature range D2265   6299      
Oxidation stability of steam turbine oils by rotating bomb D2272       229  
Trace sediment in lubricating oils D2273          
Oxidation stability of distillate fuel oil (accelerated methode) D2274   12205   388  
Freezing point of aviation fuels D2386   3013   16  
Hydrogen sulfide in liquefied petroleum (LP) gases (lead acetate method) D2420   8819   401  
Oxidation stability of mineral insulating oil D2440          
Cloud point of petroleum products D2500 T60-105 3015   219  
Apparent viscosity of engine oils using the cold-cranking simulator D2602         51377
Hydrolytic stability of hydraolic fluids (beverage bottle method) D2619          
Electrical conductivity of aviation and distillate fuels D2624   6297   274  
Knock characteristics of motor by the research method D2699   5163 25164 237 51756
Knock characteristics of motor and aviation fuels by the motor method D2700   5164 25163 236  
Demulsibility characteristics of lubricating oils D2711          
Sulfur in liquefied petroleum gases (oxy-hyrogen burner or lamp method) D2784 M41-009 4260   243 51408
Effect of heat and air on a moving film of asphalt (RTFOT) D2872          
Oxidation characteristics of extreme pressure lubricating oils D2893          
Low-temperature viscosity of autumotive fluid lubricants (Brookfield viscisimeter) D2983 T60-152 9262   267 51398
Salts in crude oil (electrometric method) D3230       265  
Solvent extractables in petroleum waxes D3235          
Flash point of liquids by Setaflash-closed-cup apparatus D3278          
Air release properties of petroleum oils D3427   9120   313 51381
Flash point by small scale closed tester D3828   3679   303  
Water separation characteristics of aviation turbine fuels by portable separometer D3948          
Water and sediment in crude oil by the centrifuge method (laboratory procedure) D4007          
Manual sampling of pétroleum and petroleum products D4057   3170 58   51750
High-shear viscosity using the ICI cone / plate viscosimeter D4287          
Sulfur in oil analyzer D4294   8754      
Water in crude oils by potentimetric Karl Fischer D4377       356  
Determination of carbon residue (MCRAT) D4530   10370   398 51551
Low sulfur & nitrogen analyzer for light hydrocarbon products D4629   20846      
Free water and particulate contamination in mid-distillate fuels (Clear and bright rating) D4860          
Vapor pressure of petroleum products (mini method) D5191          
Distillation du pétrole brut            
Apparent viscosity of engine oils using the cold-cranking simulator D5293          
Low sulfur & nitrogen analyzer for light hydrocarbon products D5453   20546     51551
Cloud and Pour Point D5773          
Evaporation loss of lubricating oils by the Noack method D5800 T60-161       51581
Portable gasoline analysis with mid-ftir D5845          
Cloud and Pour Point D5949          
Freeze Point D5972          
High temperature foaming characteritics of lubricating oils D6082          
Portable gasoline analysis with mid-ftir D6277          
Vapore pressure of gasoline D6377          
Vapore pressure of gasoline D6378