Unique expertise

The company has an undisputed technical and industrial knowledge. Normalab has defined a new development strategy of its first activities in order to increase its advantage. Normalab is a major player in the petroleum laboratory. For this reason, the company believes in its range of petroleum testing instruments , whether manual, semi-automatic or automatic but, also in the reliability and accuracy of scientific glassware manufacturing.


This advantage comes from its 52 years of experience in the industrial glassware field. Some company employees received the title of “Best Worker of France” and “Best Apprentice of France”. The Normalab flagship product is the viscometer tube for the kinematic viscosity application. All glass tubes are produced and calibrated in our workshop and our laboratory. The main manufactured products are distillation flask, distillation receivers, centrifuge tubes, as well as our special manufacturing according to sketches or patterns.


Today Normalab develops its global presence through a network of distributors and partners. With exclusive agreements with world-renowned manufacturers, Normalab offers complete laboratories solutions in addition of its analytical instruments range. Moreover, Normalab has developed a mobile laboratory concept equipped with benchtops, a electric generator and all laboratory analyzers for lubricants, fuel or crude oils analysis in a container or truck. Furthermore, our R&D team is constantly adapting our specifications according to market developments and standards.