The guarantee period is 12 months from shipping date. The warranty period of all Normalab range products is extended to 2 year if you send back the warranty activation form and Quality deviation report, after installation. The goods sold (except glassware & consumables) are guaranteed to be free of any operating fault due to defective material, manufacturing or design subject to the following conditions.  The guarantee is excluded:

  • If the defects in materials or design are attributable to the Buyer
  • If the damage is caused by an intervention on the goods without authorization
  • If the damage comes from normal wear of the good, or through negligence, or a lack of maintenance from the buyer.
  • If the defect results from force majeure circumstances.

No goods should be sent back without a prior agreement of the seller. Any return of equipment from the buyer shall be subject to a return authorization.

Warranty terms are “returned to our workshops”.  Under this guarantee, the seller will replace the defective parts by his technical staff. This warranty covers labour cost too, and the shipment back of the good to the buyer. In case of on-site assistance under warranty, travel is not included and will be invoiced.

In case of repair of equipment after warranty period, the new parts, except consumables, are guaranteed 3 months, labour cost included. This warranty cannot be extended to any other failure and only concerned the replacement parts.