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Automated atmospheric distillation of petroleum products
NDI 450 is the 5th generation of automated distillation developped by Normalab
StandardsASTM D86, ASTM D850, ASTM D1078, ISO 3405, IP 123, IP 195, DIN 51751, JIS K2254, GOST B

This test method covers the atmospheric distillation of petroleum products. Natural, motor and aviation gasolines, aviation turbine fuels, special boiling point spirits, naphtas, white spirit, kerosene, gas oils, distillate fuel oils.

  • Temperature measurement range: ambient to 450°C
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.05°C
  • Low voltage heating element (850W)   
  • Automatic positioning of heating element
  • Quick cooling of heater by fan
  • Condenser temperature: 0 to 60°C
  • Receiver compartment temperature: 0 to 60°C
  • Level follower accuracy: 0.1 ml with resolution of 0.05ml
  • Built-in Peltier Cooling System
  • Ready for Biodiesels analysis
  • Integrated colour touch screen display (10,4 inch)
  • Windows® based software
  • Preprogrammed with Standard Methods
  • User programmable methods Automatic
  • Barometric pressure correction
  • Equipment ready to use as per ASTM D86 and related methods (Optional kit for ASTM D850, D1078)
  • Additional Test Method : 10% Distillation residue with 100ml sample which can be used for Carbon Residue Measurement according to ASTM D189, D524 & D4530.

NDI 450 operable through integrated touch screen and Windows® based software. Equipment with built in fire extinguishing system and external N2 bottle fitted with manometer for pressure control. Scope of delivery NDI 450 delivered ready to use for D86 and related standards: 

REF 240191 25 ml distillation  flask

REF 26111 100 ml receiver  

REF 60507 38 mm heating plate

REF 60508 50 mm heating plates  

REF 12609EC 5 ml residue receiver

REF 60510 Pt 100 probe                                                                                 

Pt 100 probe centering device   

REF 60509 Dry point Thermocouple

REF 60514 Bag of Pumice (20g ) 

REF 60513 Condenser cleaning cable

REF 60515  3 Stoppers: condenser stopper

REF 40065 flask probe stopper D86

REF 40064 flask probe stopper D86 for dry point application 


REF 60502 AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz - 9A

REF 60503 AC 115 V, 50/60 Hz – 9A


(W) 54cm x (D) 45cm x (H) 63cm  ±70 kg

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